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Saudi Arabia Import Permit ---- SABER

Aug.29th, 2023

SASO SABER system is an online platform for products entering the Saudi market to obtain the Certificate of Conformity (CoC).


What is SABER Certificate?

SASO SABER system is an online platform for products entering the Saudi market to obtain the Certificate of Conformity (CoC). It is kind of an upgraded version of the original SASO certification which aims to protect Saudi consumers’ safety. In other words, it is necessary for you to show the SABER certificate at Saudi Customs for a smooth clearance when you are importing goods to Saudi Arabia.

What is the Difference between SABER, SASO, and SALEEM?

SALEEM is a Saudi Product Safety Program implemented by SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization). In Arabic, “SALEEM” means the product is secure to users. Under this program, if you want to import commercial refrigerators to Saudi, your products must be certificated to meet the standards.

And the SABER system is actually a new e-platform for importers to get these certificates. It is launched under the SASO SALEEM program and has been implemented since 2019. All imported products are registered through the network to save your time of customs clearance. So, you don’t have to apply for both SASO certificates and SABER certificates when importing coolers & freezers to Saudi. All you need is to finish everything on SABER.

How to Get the SABER Certificate?

The SABER system involves importers, certification bodies and Saudi customs and trade authorities. Below we will brief the steps of application to help you get the SABER certification faster.

Application website:,  attached with YouTube Video Guidances

Step 1: User Account Registration

The importer enters the SABER system and inputs facility account registration information. (Only one-time submission is required.) 

Step 2: Product Registration

The importer inputs required information on the imported product for registration on SABER. 

Step 3: Application for PC (Product CoC)

1. The importer submits an application for the Conformity of Certificate on SABER system and gets the Request Number. Remember to select the correct certification body.

2. The importer sends the Request Number and CB certificate – IEC report (220V/60HZ) to the certification body and fills in the form they provided.

3. After receiving the complete information, the certification body will arrange the data review. It usually takes 3-5 business days.

4. The importer pays the PC fee to the certification body and pays the system fee to SABER as well. Afterward, the certification body will approve the application on SABER. Then the importer can download the SABER product certificate online. 

Step 4: Application for SC (Shipment Certificate)

1. The importer applies for the Shipment Certificate on SABER and gets the Request Number.

2. The importer provides the Request Number, packing list and invoice to the certification body. Fill in the form they require.

3. The certification body checks the form within 2-3 business days.

4. The importer pays the SC fee to the certification body and the system fee to SABER. The application will be approved and the SABER shipment certificate will be issued on SABER. 

How Much does SABER Certificate Cost?

TCCOOL will provide CB certificate with a 60Hz test report (at TCCOOL's charge). Applicant shall pay USD532 to SABER system & SAR525 application fee for issuing PC Certificate (Product Certificate) which is valid for 1 year.

While for each shipment, applicant shall apply SC Certificate (Shipment Certificate) paying SAR525 to the SABER system for importing a certain shipment.

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