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ErP(Energy-related Products)

Jan.1st, 2022

Introduction of EU ErP Directive (2009/125/EC)

Saudi Arabia Import Permit ---- SABER

Dec.29th, 2021

SASO SABER system is an online platform for products entering the Saudi market to obtain the Certificate of Conformity (CoC).

SKD Cooler Single Door

July.12th, 2021

R&D TEAM: SKD Cooler Single Door

SKD Cooler

May.5th, 2021

SKD Cooler with Full Glass Door...

Cashier Cooler

Feb.20th, 2021

Cashier Cooler with EMS energy saving system COMING....

Multi-Function Party Cooler


Energy Saving, Trendy, Popular, Multi-Fuction Barrel Can Cooler for Party

Compressor Type


To achieve intended cooling performance of coolers/freezers under different climate class, selection of the compressor becomes significant.

How to distinguish climate type ?

May 12th, 2020

FRIDGES / FREEZERS / FRIDGE-FREEZERS are all designed to operate in specific temperature ranges, in which it will operate as intended and keep good performance.

Transparent Can Cooler

Feb 2nd, 2019

Can Cooler, also called as Round Cooler, Barrel Cooler or Party Cooler, is very popular for soft drink promotion in varies of places like Supermarket, Grocery, Outdoor Event and etc.

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