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TCCOOL Introduction

July 18th, 2018

TCCOOL Refrigeration Co., Limited is the leading provider of commercial refrigeration equipments located in the home of Home Appliances ---- Shunde, Foshan.


TCCOOL Refrigeration Co., Limited is the leading provider of commercial refrigeration equipments located in the home of Home Appliances ---- Shunde, Foshan. We, TCCOOL, endeavor to meet client's needs and focus on high image for merchandising client's prestigious brands in the outlets with our reliable production line in the area of 80,000 Square Feet and over 500 staffs offering accountable Showcase Cooler, Freezer, Can Cooler, Back Bar Cooler, Open Showcase, Supermarket Display Series, Stainless Steel Series and etc.

In this industry, Experience Talks!

R&D: We have a strong team of R&D staffs with working experience in oversea refrigeration companies for years. For different regions, we have specific specification to provide the most suitable cooling performance. Such as: Southeast Asia specs(High Humidity: Condensation Problem), Middle East Specs(High ambient temperature, Tropical Problem), Europe Specs(High Demand for Environment Protection, Refrigerant Problem), Australian Specs(Energy Saving Demand, DOE Test) and etc.

QA/QC: We fully understand the difficulty of the aftersales service and maintenance throughout the word. Lack of Quality Assurance and Quality Control leads to the total lost for customer's reputation and business disaster in the market. Hence QA/QC is one of our key emphasis. High-voltage Insulation Test we repeat 3 times during production, Cooling Performance Test with all electrical items we insist at least 8 hours before transiting to packing line, 5% of finishing products will be attending random check by QA supervisor, 100% appearance defects products will be pulled down from production line compulsively.

Design: Our design team are required to visit the worldwide exhibition, such as IFA Germany, Gulfood Dubai, Milano Host and etc. As well as global refrigeration factories, keeping our products' design and development most up-to-date.

HR: Our team members in Sales and Marketing speak Cooler Language, with working experience at home and abroad, hence if you're also in this industry, we could understand each other very well. Also, we speak Cantonese, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, and etc. Wows you.

Key Account: With years of experience, we've succeeded in cooperating with Unilever, Mars, LMC Australia, Pepsi Africa, Danon, Metro, Corona, London Dairy, NTDE and etc.

It is your continued support that helps us achieve success in catering to various beverage, dairy, water, confectionary and distributors in countries throught the world. With 11 years experience, we have passed ISO2000/9001 Quality System and ISO14001 Environment System with plenty of other authentications like CE, CB, SABER, MEPS, RoHS, ETL, UL, SAA and etc.

"We consider our clients as partners in business and we enjoy a very close relationship with you. "

Look forward to your precious ideas, please contact us by, WhatsApp/WeChat: +86-13926408610.

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